Garden Path

A small gate sits ajar at the threshold of an intimate garden experience. Within, a new path flows through this small reimagined space.

Stream-like it creates a thread connecting spaces one to another. Part way, a smooth wet stone appears caught in the paths’ quiet back-eddy. Carefully situated as an ‘eyecatcher’ it visually links both the garden entry to the main door of the residence. Surrounded by plant-life, here is a place to be still and reflect. Back in the flow again, the path brushes past other points of interest on its journey west.

The path reaches its release to distant views of the wooded slopes of the Olympic National Park visible under the boughs of an old tree.


A gate ajar arouses curiosity.




Quiet back-eddy.


Bright, shiny things.


Back in the flow.


Back-eddy viewed from front door.


Foliar embrace.


Crisp tailoring – seersuckered leaves.




Pathway interest.


An old apple tree with the qualities of an Arthur Rackham† illustration frames a view and presents an opportunity to conclude the path with a small sitting terrace (proposed).

† Arthur Rackham

1867 – 1939

An English book illustrator. He is recognised as one of the leading literary figures during the Golden Age of British book illustration. Full of magic, his work is noted for its robust pen and ink work overlain with the use of watercolor. His depiction of trees propels the imagination.

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